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Youtube HD video problem

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1Youtube HD video problem Empty Youtube HD video problem on Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:22 pm


I just bought Aerodrom and i have some problems with Airplay when i try to play high definition video streams, f.e from Youtube.

Airplay just leads to a quick flash of the screen and then it's back to showing to video on the Ipad (IOS 5.1) in this case. But, if i'm trying with a low res only youtube video first
and then try the above video, it works. Most of the time at least. And in HD, good quality.

I've also tried with my Iphone 4 (IOS 6.0.1), youtube. I get a "this device supports audio only" message even though i get the Screen icon in airplay. So something seems to differ between either the different
ios versions or the iphone/ipad.

Any ideas ?

I'm using Windows 7, Ipad with IOS 5.1 and a Iphone 4 with IOs 6.0.1. I've tried on two PC's, both using Windows 7.

Edit: did some more testing and i can use airplay from the Iphone using the svtplay application (swedish television), youtube still doesn't work though. svtplay from safari on the ipad ( also works.

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2Youtube HD video problem Empty Re: Youtube HD video problem on Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:36 pm


Dear Sir,

There was a bug with iOS 6. Please try our latest releaser 12.0.1 with improved video engine!

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