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Does not work !!

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1Does not work !! Empty Does not work !! on Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:37 pm

1. Can not play anything from iTune as it returns the error "Airplay device "your pc name" is not compatible with this version of iTunes"
2. Can not play from any iOS devices: after a few seconds very choppy and horrible audio playback the application crashes - I beleive the offending file is alac.dll looking at the windows error report.
I have the latest version of iTunes (11.01 (12)) firewalls checked and not blocking nay ports - a very good/fast wifi network with an 2nd gen airport express AP (which works fine with airplay) and gigabit connections at HTPC's all running win7 mce.
I use mymovies with 900 titles which works fine.
I primarily wanted a product to play music (apple lossless) which is stored on an itunes shared library on HTPC WMC clients - I used run itunes on each HTPC until an itunes upgrade decided it did not want to let MCE remote control WMC in the foreground!!
I have sent an email via the contact page and no reply so far but it seems, in my experience so far, this is not a solid product and like a few other "home-brew" solutions out there may well be subject to breakdown with updates of itunes or other platform software.
This might acceptable for "freeware" but not a product that is sold ready for deployment. Very disappointing indeed.

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2Does not work !! Empty Re: Does not work !! on Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:38 pm


Please try our latest version - this should fix most of your problems.

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