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Windows 8 / no audio "only" streaming

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1Windows 8 / no audio "only" streaming Empty Windows 8 / no audio "only" streaming on Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:52 pm

Hi, just purchased this app this past weekend, and love it so far. I am using windows 8, with the MCE plugin, and pictures, and video (with audio) are working great. My problem is that I can't stream music to it, unless I'm playing a video. I verified the key is in the regsitry as per the FAQ, and it all looks good there to me.

I also disabled the windows firewall for some testing, but no chagne.

To be clear, discovery is working the iphone see the server and allows you to select airplay from the music app, but after about 4 seconds, the music is paused without ever having any audio output.

I tested the same behaviour with IOS 5 & 6. I Also tried two routers, a lyncsys wr54g, and a netgear n600.

Any other suggestions, or guidance on how to next proceed?

Thank you,

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2Windows 8 / no audio "only" streaming Empty Re: Windows 8 / no audio "only" streaming on Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:44 pm


We are currently testing Aerodrom with the Windows8 Media Center - we keep you informed.

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