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Audio AirPlay in MCE via Aerodrom MCE Plugin

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1Audio AirPlay in MCE via Aerodrom MCE Plugin Empty Audio AirPlay in MCE via Aerodrom MCE Plugin on Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:09 am

Hey guys,

Just purchased Aerodrom not long ago, and have been trying to play some of my audio podcasts via the MCE plugin. I have been able to get video with audio working, and able to get audio with no video working outside of MCE.

I later found out that there is currently no support for audio with no video via the MCE plugin Crying or Very sad , but it is on your list for future developments. Smile

I was just curious how this development was going?

Thanks for your hard work, and I'm still glad I purchased your product. cheers
Can't wait for future developments Very Happy

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Audio processing is quite harder than video processing. Audio is sent via encrypted packets which need to be decoded and buffered and we don't know a way to get MCE play audio data on that way.

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