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audio is no stable when stream audio from iphone to PC - version

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I just bought the latest version of Aerodrom and realized that this version has a streaming audio bug.

Just for your information, I can stream audio from my iphone IOS 5.1 using Shairport4w 100 % perfectly, so it is not a problem on my Windows or my wifi router, ok?
It is an issue that happens only on Aerodrom using streaming audio receiver feature.
In Aerodrom, when i am streaming from my iphone to PC, the music played on PC get tinny pieces of music dropped. Some pieces of audio are cut when i am listening the audio streaming from my iphone on every 30~60 secs.
This is a bug, because when i play video from my iPhone to PC on Aerodrom, those cuts do not happen. Only in audio streaming from idevice to PC, this problem occurs.

Please, fix that problem on the next release.


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We have changed the audio engine, which is a big improvement on audio quality.
It will be released with the next update. (But please don't ask when - when it's done!)

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I've had the exact same problem. My work around was to run shairport4w and aerdrom together. I named the shairport service "AirPlay Music" and the aerodrom "AirPlay Pics/Video" and that was easy enough for my family to understand. The option to change what name is broadcasted in aerodrom is labeled "service name" in preferences.

Note: I had been running aerodrom on a custom port prior to installing shairport so I don't know if they default use the same port, you might have to check. (I doubt it though)

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Please try our new version

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